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Diary vs. Diarrehea

20 Oct

I came home from work today, and couldn’t wait to spend time with the kids. The minute I approached my walkway, I can hear them screaming and hollering. Then I walked in the house…well, it was more like a house of terrors.

Toys were strewn all over the floor, TV was blaring. I think Trinity was watching Dexter Laboratory…
I went to change my clothes, and when I came back downstairs Trinity asked me, “Mom, one day can you please buy me a diarrhea?”.

ME: ‘Whaaaattt?’

T: I want to buy a diarrhea, you know where you can write down and draw things like a journal…

I was about to pee my pants…but I proceeded to explain to Trinity that what he wanted is called a ‘diary’ or journal, not Diarrhea…

Kids…I tell ya!!

Mommy vs. Trinity…

13 Jun

Trinity tagged along with me and 2 of my friends to brunch today.  And we decided to stop by Little Tokyo afterward to peruse at the Japanese bookstore.  On the way there we were talking about random stuff with him, when out of left field he asked “Is God eating peanut butter?”  What???!!! The adults looked at each other and we just lost it.   We told him yes, and his next question is ‘Why does he like peanut butter?’ Sometimes I wonder how a kid’s mind works.  I know a friend’s son who asked his dad if Jesus plays wii.  Those are the kinds of questions that usually leave us speechless.

Anyway, we got to the bookstore and I was looking at the cute trinkets they have in the store, when Trinity pulled my arm and asked if he can get a mini colored pencils set.  I told him that he is already getting some erasers and other little things, so we should hold off on buying the colored pencils.  He proceeded to put them back on the shelf, but then 30 seconds later he whispered to me, “Mom, if I pay you 50 cents, can I get the colored pencils?”  I looked at him then I just started laughing because the pencils it self was $ 2.00, I wasn’t sure if he was giving me the 50 cents to pay for the pencils or if he was trying to bribe me.  In the end I made him put back one of the other stuff he got already in place of the pencils.   

The Hubby has a rule where the kids can’t be screaming or making too much noise in the car while he’s driving.  Since Hubby wasn’t driving yesterday, Trinity decided to push his boundaries (like any other 5 year old would do).  So I decided to trick him into being quiet, I told him that the challenge is that I bet he could not be quiet in the car till we get home.  We were still about 15 – 20 minutes away from home.  He looked at me and pretended to lock his mouth and threw away the key, and we did not hear a peep from him all the way home.  Hubby is a very competitive person, where I would not even play Monopoly with him, because he is way too competitive for me and not a very humble winner when he does win.  And I think Trinity is on his way to become that way as well.  We tried to cajole him and tease him, but he kept his mouth closed while trying to hold his laugh.  As soon as the car stopped, the first thing out of his mouth was, “You lost!!” and I told him “Yes honey, you won, congratulations!!”  (But deep down inside I know that I won, because we got peace and quiet for the last 20 minutes of the ride home.)

Am I proud of myself for tricking him? Was it good parenting? I don’t know, but I definitely am proud of him, because to me it shows that he’s determine to win at whatever challenge there is, and that I still can trick my son into doing what I want him to do with out him knowing.  The question is how long will I be able to get away with this?  Who knows…but I am going to cherish every moment of it.