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Dad’s Two Cents…

12 Jun

Your children can innocently say some of the most amazingly funny things.  I’m always looking forward to the next great quote that might come about.  The Wife and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful children.  I’ve had to unfortunately spend a fairly significant amount of time over the last year and a half travelling for work, and there is nothing better than to have The Wife tell me when I call her, “Guess what Trinity said today”.  “You’re not going to believe what Bambino did”.   It really puts life in to perspective and makes you realize how lucky you are to be a parent.

To give you little background on our kids’ names, let me digress for a moment.  Trinity and Bambino were the main characters in the Italian Western They Call Me Trinity and its sequel Trinity is still my name.  Our children are nicknamed as they are based on the eating habits of the main characters.  The 5 year old is Trinity and the 3 year old is Bambino. 

The movie reminded me quite a bit of my own upbringing.  Growing up, when it was dinner time, you better be at the table asap, and the faster you ate, the more you could have.  In fact, if there was one piece of chicken left in the middle of the table, you’d have to brave the risk of forks in the back of your hand if you wanted get the last bite. 

Trinity and Bambino (the movie characters) had eating habits quite similar to my own.  I still eat the same way.  My wife may be a bite or two in to her meal, and I’m already on 3rds.  Our kids take after their old man, for better or worse.  For those who have don’t know our children, if you watch them eat, you’d think we were starving them.  Less talking, more eating.  Why take a bite of pizza when you can put half of the piece in your mouth.  That’s the boys and my eating habits.

At any rate, our nicknames are based on the above.  If you saw us in a restaurant, you couldn’t miss us.