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Bribery at Six

8 Oct

The Hubby and I try to set a routine for our kids as far as bedtime goes, and for the most part its smooth sailing. For school nights, it is 8 o’clock lights out, or on weekends, it’s 9 o’clock. Usually by 7:45pm they should be done brushing their teeth and be climbing in beds. That way we have 15 minutes to read.

The Hubby is much better in implementing this rule, whereas I usually let them hang out with me till 8:30pm. (or as The Hubby calls it ‘Stalling Tactic’)
Yes, I am a pushover when it comes down to bedtime. I just feel with my work schedule usually I don’t come home until 6:30, and 1 hour is not enough for me to see the kids, play with them, or just simply spend time with them. Call me selfish, it doesn’t matter…I figure a half hour less sleep in exchange for a half hour of quality time is a fair trade.

Anyway, this Friday night, Trinity and I were playing downstairs…when all of the sudden he asked me:

Trinity: Mom, can I stay up later tonight?

Me: No…

T: You know mom… I have an idea, I will give money If you let me stay up later.

Me: What money?

T: My whole savings…deal?

I could not believe my ears when I hear him trying to wheel and deal even resorted to bribery in order to get what he wants… I guess one can look at him as being ‘resourceful’…either way, The Hubby said he got that from me…I will not disagree. God help me…