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Carls-what? (The Hubby)

29 Jul
I was talking to Trinity on the phone last night getting our plans all line up.  I’m finally heading home from Delaware in a week.
Of course we have to go bowling and play minature golf, but we’re also planning a trip to San Diego to visit the USS Midway.  Trinity is excited about that possibility, but he also reminded me that Legoland is down that way as well (he visited there not too long ago).
We were discussing our plans and says, “Dad, can we go to Legoland?”  Me:  “Next time son, you just went there.  We’re gonna see the Midway”.  Trinity:  “I know dad, but Legoland is in Carlsgood.  Thats on the way”.
I nearly hit the floor laughing.  Of course he is refering to Carlsbad, and yes, it is on the way to San Diego. He’s paying attention to geography and his surroundings.  Man, they grow up quick

Super Baby

22 Jul

Trinity is at the age where he is fascinated by people kissing, eventhough he says that it’s weird, but I know he’s intrigued by it. 

While perusing through my stack of wedding magazine, he asked me:

T: Did your mom and dad kissed when they got married?

Me: Yes

T: Grandma told me she didn’t, how come she said she didn’t kissed grandpa?

Me: I don’t know

T: Were you at their wedding?

Me: No, I wasn’t even born yet at that time

T: How come you weren’t at their wedding?

Me: Were you at our wedding? 

T: Yes

Me: No, you weren’t

T: Yes, I was a super baby, and I just got a telescope and I can see you guys at your wedding, and you guys just kissed each other and kissed and kissed for a really long time…

Me: ….(walk away) — no point in arguing with a 5 years old who knows everything.

Bragging or Not…

14 Jul

Trinity has a tutor that comes in twice a week.  Her name is Alice, she is the future sister-in-law of one of my best friend Rosalie.  And today I happened to be there on one of his session.

He has trouble focusing when it comes to studying, and he would do a math problem then talk, do another problem then talk again…this would go on for a while.  Finally I decided to challenge him.  If you remember my previous post, you’ll know how competitive he can get. 

So this time around he decided to take up my challenge, and he did 10 subtraction problems in 2 minutes.  (Of course i was done WAY before he did)  But I told him he finished first.  He raised his hands and said ‘Yay!! I won!!!’  Mom, did you finish after me?  I said yes.  And he said ‘Yeah, I am faster than you, I won!!’

Then he looked at me with all seriousness, and said ‘It’s a good thing I wasn’t bragging Mom’.

Alice and I looked at each other and just burst out laughing…Kids, I tell you…

Happy Birthday Bambino

14 Jul

Shout out for my Bambino as he turns 4 today…can’t believe how time flies…Happy Birthday and we’re so happy God gave you to us to bring joy to our family.  No matter how many birthdays…you’ll always be my little baby…

Trinity’s Blog

1 Jul

queen bee on her wey to a cide

Don’t ask…he just told me that he wants to blog too…so I let him…

Boyfriend & Cousin

1 Jul

One of my best friends Ms. Lemon Ears came by the house tonight to drop off some stuff for me.  And Trinity asked her about her ‘boyfriend’, Luke Walton from the Lakers. 

Trinity: Ms. Lemon Ears, where is your boyfriend?

Ms. LE: He’s not on TV tonight.

Trinity: How many points does he get?

Ms. LE: He doesn’t have a lot of points, but he’s great at assisting other player

Trinity: You know who’s the better player than your boyfriend?

Ms. LE: Who?

Trinity: Kobe Bryant…

Ms. LE: Really?

Trinity: Yes, and he’s my cousin…and Avril (his classmate)

Me & Ms. LE: Whattttt?!!!

Trinity: Yes, that’s my cousin…and Avril…he’s brown like Kobe Bryant…Never ever forget that!!

Me & Ms. LE: …………

Oh and he said that Kobe Bryant is the best player ever and he can beat people up….in basketball.

Husband, Wife and Kids

29 Jun

Trying to explain to a 5 year old about being married (husband & wife) is a little tricky.  No matter how much we tried…he still can’t grasp the concept.  And tonight as I kissed him good night he says:

Trinity: I want to be your wife…I mean your husband…

Me: You can’t, you’re my kid, and I’m married to your daddy.

Trinity: I want to be your husband, and daddy can be the kid…


I remember about a year ago, as we were talking about being married, etc…\

Me: How many husband does mommy have?

Trinity: One

Me: How many boyfriends does mommy have?

Trinity: Twenty Eight!! (with conviction)


The Hubby: Excuse me???!!!

Trinity: I mean ZERO….

Thanks kid…for keeping your daddy on his toes…:)

Knit One…Knit Two…Spiderman…Spiderman…

28 Jun

As Trinity was waiting for me to finish my note for tonight, he’s going through my nightstand drawer.  And he came up with one of my knitting needles. 

Trinity: Where is the other knitting thing?

Me: You mean a knitting needle? I don’t know, can you please leave my knitting stuff alone?

Trinity: I’m gonna find the other needle….Oh here is a pencil, I can use this.

Silence for about 2 minutes…

Trinity: (mumbling in the background) Knit one, knit two…

Me: What are you doing? and how in the world do you know knit one knit two?

Trinity:  From The Upside Down Show, Shawn was knitting.

Me: What are you knitting?

Trinity: My Spiderman’s costume…

I guess he’s got a point, because his costume is tattered…see it for yourself at this post below by Kismet Happens

Trinity: What are you doing mom? are you blogging?

Me: Yes…who told you that?

Trinity: You told dad that you are writing a blog. Whats a blog? Are you almost done? can you just do 1 more bloggie only?

So with that my friends…I am calling it a night because I have been summoned… I’ve met my bloggie quota for the night…Sleep well!!

Bambino the Rice Thief

27 Jun

No one can deny that Bambino is my kid for a couple of reason.  I remember when it was just Trinity,  all my friends used to tell me that he looks nothing like me.  He took after the Hubby through and through.  Even though Trinity is half Caucasian and half Asian, when he was younger he looks fully Caucasian except for his hair maybe.  But I’m sure that whenever we would go somewhere as a family, people probably thought I was the nanny.

Now in Bambino’s case, he looks more Asian (thank goodness for I am no longer mistaken for the nanny), he really does look like me when I was little.  Maybe that’s another reason I let him grow his hair longer…so he looks more like me when I was his age.

But the other thing that cinch the deal is that he loves rice as much as I do.  And let me tell you, I love my rice…The Hubby believes that I go through rice withdrawal…which I can’t really disagree with, because he’s probably right.

Everyday we would put away the leftover rice in a container so we can store it in the fridge, and we let it cool on the dining table first before we put it away.  And everyday Bambino would tippy toe to the table and steal rice from the Tupperware container.  Whether he just ate dinner 2 minutes prior or 2 hours prior…he never fails to steal a bite or two of rice.

I would sit there and watch him do it, and he’ll make eye contact with me, and he’ll steal his bite of rice and stuff it in his mouth.  Then he’ll look at me again and he’ll say ‘Hi!!’.  That’s his way of getting out of trouble, he just looks at you and say ‘Hi!!’ (it works most of the time…)

I guess I can put it up on the counter, but I’m sure he’ll be tall enough pretty soon and it won’t work anymore.  For now  I guess I’ll just let him enjoy his rice…

Long Haired Boy

24 Jun

Trinity and I was hanging out before he goes to bed, and the conversation went like this:

Trinity: Hey mom, there are 2 boys and 2 girls in this house (Trinity, Bambino, The Sitter, and I)

Me: You’re right

Trinity: Is Bambino a boy?

Me: What do you think?

Trinity: But he has long hair…

Me: So….?

Trinity: Can you cut his hair please so he can be a boy like me?

Me: ……………………