The Barn House…

12 Nov

Being a passenger train engineer, The Hubby has to travel or work overnight sometimes. When he does, Trinity would sleep on my bed to keep me company. But lately that hasn’t been the case, because The Hubby has been working afternoon. And Trinity is getting to big to sleep in our room. And he’s got a perfectly good bed in his own room…

Well, this week The Hubby’s schedule changed where he leaves early in the morning, and Trinity seems to know when his dad gets up at 5:40am, so he would get up and climbed in bed with me. This morning I was sleeping soundly, and he jumped up and just hugged me really tight. And he said, ‘I miss you, mama’

And I turned around and gave him a hug, and I said, ‘I missed you too, baby’.

Trinity: Why can’t I sleep with you guys anymore, mom?

Me: Because daddy says no, and because when you sleep with us, you kick us and move around too much.

Trinity: Daddy is mean.

Me: (being the ‘favorite’ parent at this time) Yes, he is. (muahahahhahahha)

Trinity: You know what we can do mom? We should go to Home Depot and buy daddy a barn house and just let him sleep in the barn house, and we’ll put a bowl in there to give him his food and water.

Me: Whatttt? Why would you do that?

Trinity: So I can sleep with you and daddy can sleep in the barn house.

Well, son….that is one of your better idea yet…but I’m sure The Hubby wouldn’t agree…What do you guys think?

One Response to “The Barn House…”

  1. Kismet Happens November 13, 2010 at 4:59 pm #

    I have three words for you: Oedipus Rex Complex. LOL (enjoy it while it lasts…)

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