Only If There’s Noodles…

11 Nov

Being a working mom with a full time job can be so tiring…sometimes. Today is one of those days. The boys requested that I make Beef Stroganoff for dinner. And after a long day at work, I came home and did just that. The responses I got from them made it so worthwhile…
But not without another one of Trinity’s episode…

We were sitting down eating, and I hear him slurping his food and making ‘mmmmhhh’ sound every 5 seconds. Now I understand he’s only 6 years old, and he’s just REALLY enjoying his food. But the slurping and constant ‘mmmmhhhh’-ing can’t be ignored. Can you imagine him going on his first date and eating something really good and doing that? NO, I will not let that happen.

The Hubby and I came from the upbringing that tableside manner is very important. Not that we really apply it strictly to our house rule. But we know that when we’re eating in public we don’t act like a Neanderthal. And we hope to raise our kids the same way too.

I looked at The Hubby and kinda pointed at Trinity with my eyes. And the Hubby said to Trinity:

Hubby: Trinity, please do not slurp or make sound when you eat. Manners please…

Trinity: It’s just so good, dad.

Hubby: I know, but if you’re going to eat like that, we can let you eat outside. And you can make all the noise you want.

Trinity: Why?

Hubby: Because that’s how animals eat. Do you want me to let you eat outside? We can put your bowl out there. You don’t even have to use any utensils…

Trinity: …uhmmm…OK, only if there’s noodles.

And ladies and gentlemen…this is where the Hubby and I lost it. And the subject was dropped. See how quickly he got away from another lecture?…I think he does this on purpose…

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