An Itch to Move, a StepMom and Camel City…

24 Oct

Out of the blue Trinity is talking about wanting to move to another city. Not sure what prompted this. I had to go to work today because I have an event, and I figured since it’s a Sunday, there won’t be a lot of people in the office. I decided to take him along with me so we can hang out. As Hubby was taking us to the office, Trinity said:

T: I want to move somewhere

Me: Where?

T: I don’t know…another city.

Me: Why?

T: Because I want to go to another school

Me: Won’t you miss your friends?

T: It’s okay…So can we move?

Me: Ask daddy…(my respond to everything…)

T: Dad, can we move somewhere?

Hubby: Not now son, I don’t think we can move your mom away from her mom…(very true)

T: Why do you want to be close to your family all the time, Mom?

Me: Because…I want to

T: Fine, you can stay here with GrandMa… and Daddy, Bambino, and I can just move somewhere…that way you can be close to your family, and I’ll just have Daddy, and a StepMom and Bambino…

Me: Whattttt????

Hubby: Why are you gonna say stuff like that for? and where do you want to move to anyway? Do you want to move to San Diego?

T: Yes!! and I’ll just have Daddy and Bambino…no StepMom then… But I really want to move

Me: Why?

T: So I can eat crabs, and live in a different house…

Me: You can eat crabs anywhere….

Hubby: What about the Bay Area?

T: Where is the Bay Area?

Hubby: San Francisco, where Milpitas is…

T: Yes, I want to move there…

H: Do you want to move to Washington State?

T: Yes, let’s move there…

And on and on it went…

When I was tucking him to sleep tonight, the subject of moving came up again…and Trinity asked me…

T: Mom, can we move to Camel City?

Me: Where?

T: Camel City, so we can see Kyle again…

Me: Kyle moved to Temple City not Camel City…

T: NO, his dad said that they were moving to Camel City…

So I think I have an idea of where this moving thing came from. One of his classmate moved to a different city because they bought a house in Temple City (or ‘Camel City’), and he probably misses his friend a lot…
I know we’ll move eventually, but according to Trinity tomorrow is his last day to be in the same school with his friends, before we move to another city…

2 Responses to “An Itch to Move, a StepMom and Camel City…”

  1. Kismet Happens October 25, 2010 at 9:53 am #

    Camel City sounds like a drag. LOL And why would anyone want a step-mom? The things he comes up with!

    • WeeOnesSaid October 25, 2010 at 10:59 pm #

      u tell him that… we should ask his dad:) LOL

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