4 Sep

Sometimes it scares me to see how ‘mature’ Trinity is for his age…and part of that I wonder if I was the one who egged him on to become so.
He’s had a ‘girlfriend’ since he was 4 years old, granted it was Olivia, the pig from the TV show on Nick Jr.

Recently my friend Rosalie have been keeping me company a lot since the Hubby was out of town, and having spent a lot of time at my house watching movies and hanging out, Rosalie is Trinity’s current girlfriend. This is how they got together…

Sunday, June 6, 2010.
Rosalie: “Trinity, Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

Trinity: “Yes, but my mom said I can’t have a girlfriend until I’m 15.”

Rosalie: “Well, that’s fine. Do you want to be my boyfriend when you turn 15?”

Trinity: “Okay…(long pause)…You know when I’m 15, some people are gonna be old.”

Rosalie: (holding back laugher) “You mean, like me? You think I’m gonna be old when you’re 15?”

Trinity: “No, just some people.”

Yes, some people might think that I am not fit to be a mother to let him or encourage him to have a ‘girlfriend’ at this age…but I figured it’s all in good fun, and he’s his father’s son afterall…

His current ‘girlfriend’ even went to the movie with us to go see Toy Story 3. And he was loving every moment of being doted on by 2 women at the theatre. (ICEE, popcorn, candies on either side of him). But being a boy that he is…(full of sneaky tricks up his sleeve)…

We were walking out of the theatre, I was getting something out of my purse…

Me: Trinity, here go walk with Rosalie, can you hold her hand?

Trinity: No, I twisted my arms…

Me: What???!!!

Trinity: I twisted my arms so I can’t hold her hand

Rosalie and I just started laughing out loud…yep, he’s his father’s son allright…I need all the strength and support I can get to raise my boys…

One Response to “Girlfriend(s)…”

  1. Kismet Happens September 6, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Love it! He is definitely his father’s son. I didn’t realize that today was our 3-month anniversary. We will have to celebrate with icees. 🙂

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