Mr. Discipline (The Hubby)

30 Jul

I was talking to Trinity’s mom on the phone last night when I hear him begging her to let him talk to me.

Soon Trinity is on the phone informing me that Bambino threw one of their Thomas engines at him. Not only was Trinity indignant- he demanded retribution.

“Dad, we need to give Bambino a time-out”, he said. I told Trinity, “Ok, have mommy give him a time-out and tell him not to do that again. We’ll give him a 5 minute time-out”.

Trinity didn’t think that 5 minutes was even close to being an acceptable punishment. He casually suggested that Bambino in fact deserved a 22 minute time-out. Man, this kid is tough.

I preceded to to discuss this rather lengthy sentence with Trinity. He was made aware of the fact that he isn’t a perfect angel himself, and 22 minutes is pretty hard core.

Trinity thought about my point for a second, and then proceeded to ask if we should perhaps ground Bambino. Yeah, big brother has been on lock down before, so he can attest to the “joys” of this punishment. It took quite a bit of resolve to not laugh out loud.

Again, Trinity and I discussed the realities of being grounded and as to whether or not this would be fair. I think at some point during this conversation, he must have imagined himself in the hot seat because he ultimately agreed that 5 minutes of time-out would be just fine.

Not going to make an assumption, but I think Bambino got a break last night.

One Response to “Mr. Discipline (The Hubby)”

  1. Kismet Happens July 30, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    I have to agree with Trinity on this one; mainly because I’ve been in his shoes. It’s tough being the oldest. We get the brunt of it and the baby always gets away with murder.

    Bambino is no exception to this rule. Yeah, he’s cute, but why should he have it so easy? LOL

    Great post. Love my Little Boyfriend.

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