Carls-what? (The Hubby)

29 Jul
I was talking to Trinity on the phone last night getting our plans all line up.  I’m finally heading home from Delaware in a week.
Of course we have to go bowling and play minature golf, but we’re also planning a trip to San Diego to visit the USS Midway.  Trinity is excited about that possibility, but he also reminded me that Legoland is down that way as well (he visited there not too long ago).
We were discussing our plans and says, “Dad, can we go to Legoland?”  Me:  “Next time son, you just went there.  We’re gonna see the Midway”.  Trinity:  “I know dad, but Legoland is in Carlsgood.  Thats on the way”.
I nearly hit the floor laughing.  Of course he is refering to Carlsbad, and yes, it is on the way to San Diego. He’s paying attention to geography and his surroundings.  Man, they grow up quick

One Response to “Carls-what? (The Hubby)”

  1. Kismet Happens July 29, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    Ha ha I love it! Carlsgood. Your son is something else. I have a few stories to tell you. Hurry back!

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