Super Baby

22 Jul

Trinity is at the age where he is fascinated by people kissing, eventhough he says that it’s weird, but I know he’s intrigued by it. 

While perusing through my stack of wedding magazine, he asked me:

T: Did your mom and dad kissed when they got married?

Me: Yes

T: Grandma told me she didn’t, how come she said she didn’t kissed grandpa?

Me: I don’t know

T: Were you at their wedding?

Me: No, I wasn’t even born yet at that time

T: How come you weren’t at their wedding?

Me: Were you at our wedding? 

T: Yes

Me: No, you weren’t

T: Yes, I was a super baby, and I just got a telescope and I can see you guys at your wedding, and you guys just kissed each other and kissed and kissed for a really long time…

Me: ….(walk away) — no point in arguing with a 5 years old who knows everything.

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