Bragging or Not…

14 Jul

Trinity has a tutor that comes in twice a week.  Her name is Alice, she is the future sister-in-law of one of my best friend Rosalie.  And today I happened to be there on one of his session.

He has trouble focusing when it comes to studying, and he would do a math problem then talk, do another problem then talk again…this would go on for a while.  Finally I decided to challenge him.  If you remember my previous post, you’ll know how competitive he can get. 

So this time around he decided to take up my challenge, and he did 10 subtraction problems in 2 minutes.  (Of course i was done WAY before he did)  But I told him he finished first.  He raised his hands and said ‘Yay!! I won!!!’  Mom, did you finish after me?  I said yes.  And he said ‘Yeah, I am faster than you, I won!!’

Then he looked at me with all seriousness, and said ‘It’s a good thing I wasn’t bragging Mom’.

Alice and I looked at each other and just burst out laughing…Kids, I tell you…

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