Boyfriend & Cousin

1 Jul

One of my best friends Ms. Lemon Ears came by the house tonight to drop off some stuff for me.  And Trinity asked her about her ‘boyfriend’, Luke Walton from the Lakers. 

Trinity: Ms. Lemon Ears, where is your boyfriend?

Ms. LE: He’s not on TV tonight.

Trinity: How many points does he get?

Ms. LE: He doesn’t have a lot of points, but he’s great at assisting other player

Trinity: You know who’s the better player than your boyfriend?

Ms. LE: Who?

Trinity: Kobe Bryant…

Ms. LE: Really?

Trinity: Yes, and he’s my cousin…and Avril (his classmate)

Me & Ms. LE: Whattttt?!!!

Trinity: Yes, that’s my cousin…and Avril…he’s brown like Kobe Bryant…Never ever forget that!!

Me & Ms. LE: …………

Oh and he said that Kobe Bryant is the best player ever and he can beat people up….in basketball.

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