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Hello world! A new blog is born…

11 Jun

A good friend has been ‘bugging’ me to start my own blog of all the stuff my kids say… but I think she just wants me to stop boring her with my stories about my kids. 

I’ve got 2 lil’ boys and I swear I’m not one of those mothers who can’t stop talking about their kids all the time.  I just happen to have 2 comedians… I mean 2 kids (the first one in particular) who are too smart for their own good, who says random stuff that usually triggers me to laugh out loud…(yes I do that a lot) or cringe in shock/embarrassment.  A lot of times I just want to share them with people around me so they can share my joy or pains…some loves em…some thinks I’m crazy…and some makes me create a blog 🙂

So after relentless pushing and prodding from my friend for a few months, I finally sat down and start this blog that I call ‘Wee Ones Said’.  I’ve kept a journal with the silly/funny/crazy things they said.  I will transfer all the entries into this blog (slowly but surely).  I am not a writer, in fact I detest writing…My excuse is that English is not my first language and I am not very comfortable writing, maybe its my fear of getting picked on because of grammatical errors or spelling or whatever it may be.  The Hubby told me he would write some entries as well.  You’ll get to read the ones that the ESL student write and the ones that the Communication/Journalism Major graduate – native English speaker writes.  So we’ll balance each other out.  

 I am just doing this so that one day I can look back and have this as a reminder of how special and precious your ‘wee ones’ can be, whether it’s what they say or what they do.  I look forward to sharing all this with you (who cares to hear it)…Enjoy!!