Bambino the Rice Thief

27 Jun

No one can deny that Bambino is my kid for a couple of reason.  I remember when it was just Trinity,  all my friends used to tell me that he looks nothing like me.  He took after the Hubby through and through.  Even though Trinity is half Caucasian and half Asian, when he was younger he looks fully Caucasian except for his hair maybe.  But I’m sure that whenever we would go somewhere as a family, people probably thought I was the nanny.

Now in Bambino’s case, he looks more Asian (thank goodness for I am no longer mistaken for the nanny), he really does look like me when I was little.  Maybe that’s another reason I let him grow his hair longer…so he looks more like me when I was his age.

But the other thing that cinch the deal is that he loves rice as much as I do.  And let me tell you, I love my rice…The Hubby believes that I go through rice withdrawal…which I can’t really disagree with, because he’s probably right.

Everyday we would put away the leftover rice in a container so we can store it in the fridge, and we let it cool on the dining table first before we put it away.  And everyday Bambino would tippy toe to the table and steal rice from the Tupperware container.  Whether he just ate dinner 2 minutes prior or 2 hours prior…he never fails to steal a bite or two of rice.

I would sit there and watch him do it, and he’ll make eye contact with me, and he’ll steal his bite of rice and stuff it in his mouth.  Then he’ll look at me again and he’ll say ‘Hi!!’.  That’s his way of getting out of trouble, he just looks at you and say ‘Hi!!’ (it works most of the time…)

I guess I can put it up on the counter, but I’m sure he’ll be tall enough pretty soon and it won’t work anymore.  For now  I guess I’ll just let him enjoy his rice…

3 Responses to “Bambino the Rice Thief”

  1. Kismet Happens June 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    How cute! I can picture him doing it. Sounds about right.

    BTW, i didn’t know you liked rice so much. LOL

  2. Hubby June 30, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    Like mother like son. That’s so funny. I can’t wait to get home and see the boys

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