Beer for my reward….

23 Jun

Ms. Lemon Ears and I were watching Royal Pains, and Trinity wanted to watch his Spiderman movie upstairs. 

Wanting to milk more time from me, Trinity asked if I could come upstairs and turn the light on for him even though he knows how to turn the light on and have done it numerous times.

I really just wanted to stay seated and not leave my comfy recliner, I told Trinity that he knew how to turn on the light in the hallway and told him that it would be sufficient. 

Trinity being the persistent, relentless kid that he is said to me:  “mom, if you come upstairs with me, you can have as many beer as you want.”  

Ms. Lemon Ears and I almost peed our pants….

I then said to Trinity: I don’t like beer.

Then he said: “if you help me, i will give  you a reward and the reward is you can do anything you want”

Looking into my little boy’s eyes and his oh so naive, innocent face, I caved in and got my ass off the recliner and walked upstairs to turn on the light.

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