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Husband, Wife and Kids

29 Jun

Trying to explain to a 5 year old about being married (husband & wife) is a little tricky.  No matter how much we tried…he still can’t grasp the concept.  And tonight as I kissed him good night he says:

Trinity: I want to be your wife…I mean your husband…

Me: You can’t, you’re my kid, and I’m married to your daddy.

Trinity: I want to be your husband, and daddy can be the kid…


I remember about a year ago, as we were talking about being married, etc…\

Me: How many husband does mommy have?

Trinity: One

Me: How many boyfriends does mommy have?

Trinity: Twenty Eight!! (with conviction)


The Hubby: Excuse me???!!!

Trinity: I mean ZERO….

Thanks kid…for keeping your daddy on his toes…:)

Knit One…Knit Two…Spiderman…Spiderman…

28 Jun

As Trinity was waiting for me to finish my note for tonight, he’s going through my nightstand drawer.  And he came up with one of my knitting needles. 

Trinity: Where is the other knitting thing?

Me: You mean a knitting needle? I don’t know, can you please leave my knitting stuff alone?

Trinity: I’m gonna find the other needle….Oh here is a pencil, I can use this.

Silence for about 2 minutes…

Trinity: (mumbling in the background) Knit one, knit two…

Me: What are you doing? and how in the world do you know knit one knit two?

Trinity:  From The Upside Down Show, Shawn was knitting.

Me: What are you knitting?

Trinity: My Spiderman’s costume…

I guess he’s got a point, because his costume is tattered…see it for yourself at this post below by Kismet Happens

Trinity: What are you doing mom? are you blogging?

Me: Yes…who told you that?

Trinity: You told dad that you are writing a blog. Whats a blog? Are you almost done? can you just do 1 more bloggie only?

So with that my friends…I am calling it a night because I have been summoned… I’ve met my bloggie quota for the night…Sleep well!!

Bambino the Rice Thief

27 Jun

No one can deny that Bambino is my kid for a couple of reason.  I remember when it was just Trinity,  all my friends used to tell me that he looks nothing like me.  He took after the Hubby through and through.  Even though Trinity is half Caucasian and half Asian, when he was younger he looks fully Caucasian except for his hair maybe.  But I’m sure that whenever we would go somewhere as a family, people probably thought I was the nanny.

Now in Bambino’s case, he looks more Asian (thank goodness for I am no longer mistaken for the nanny), he really does look like me when I was little.  Maybe that’s another reason I let him grow his hair longer…so he looks more like me when I was his age.

But the other thing that cinch the deal is that he loves rice as much as I do.  And let me tell you, I love my rice…The Hubby believes that I go through rice withdrawal…which I can’t really disagree with, because he’s probably right.

Everyday we would put away the leftover rice in a container so we can store it in the fridge, and we let it cool on the dining table first before we put it away.  And everyday Bambino would tippy toe to the table and steal rice from the Tupperware container.  Whether he just ate dinner 2 minutes prior or 2 hours prior…he never fails to steal a bite or two of rice.

I would sit there and watch him do it, and he’ll make eye contact with me, and he’ll steal his bite of rice and stuff it in his mouth.  Then he’ll look at me again and he’ll say ‘Hi!!’.  That’s his way of getting out of trouble, he just looks at you and say ‘Hi!!’ (it works most of the time…)

I guess I can put it up on the counter, but I’m sure he’ll be tall enough pretty soon and it won’t work anymore.  For now  I guess I’ll just let him enjoy his rice…

Long Haired Boy

24 Jun

Trinity and I was hanging out before he goes to bed, and the conversation went like this:

Trinity: Hey mom, there are 2 boys and 2 girls in this house (Trinity, Bambino, The Sitter, and I)

Me: You’re right

Trinity: Is Bambino a boy?

Me: What do you think?

Trinity: But he has long hair…

Me: So….?

Trinity: Can you cut his hair please so he can be a boy like me?

Me: ……………………

Beer for my reward….

23 Jun

Ms. Lemon Ears and I were watching Royal Pains, and Trinity wanted to watch his Spiderman movie upstairs. 

Wanting to milk more time from me, Trinity asked if I could come upstairs and turn the light on for him even though he knows how to turn the light on and have done it numerous times.

I really just wanted to stay seated and not leave my comfy recliner, I told Trinity that he knew how to turn on the light in the hallway and told him that it would be sufficient. 

Trinity being the persistent, relentless kid that he is said to me:  “mom, if you come upstairs with me, you can have as many beer as you want.”  

Ms. Lemon Ears and I almost peed our pants….

I then said to Trinity: I don’t like beer.

Then he said: “if you help me, i will give  you a reward and the reward is you can do anything you want”

Looking into my little boy’s eyes and his oh so naive, innocent face, I caved in and got my ass off the recliner and walked upstairs to turn on the light.

First Funny Ever…

18 Jun

The first funny thing I remember was when Trinity was 3 years old or so…

We were teaching him ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ for fun.  He would repeat what I said, and here is how it went:

Me: I pledge allegiance to the flag…

Trinity: I pledge allegiance to the flag…

Me: of the United States of America,

Trinity: of the United States of America,

Me: and to the republic for which it stands

Trinity: and to the republic for which it stands

Me: one nation under God,

Trinity: one Asian under God…

What did he say?!!

 At this point I could not continue…because I was too busy laughing and he just looks at me like I was crazy.  He is ½ Asian…but not 1 Asian…

Purple and Yellow…

18 Jun

Today is the last day of school for the boys.  Trinity came home with a t-shirt from school yesterday.  It’s a purple shirt (my favorite color) with yellow writing that says,

“I will be in the College Class of 2026”.

When he put it on this morning he came up and showed it to me again…and as I’m reading the back of the shirt again…I was hit by the thought that I will be almost 50 years old when he graduates college…WHAT?!!! And as I hyperventilate, and grew 5 new grey hairs at that moment, I am faced with the reality that I am getting older…and hopefully getting wiser at the same time.

Then Trinity turn around in front of the mirror modeling his t-shirt, and he said “Look mom, this is the Linkers colors!”

Me: Who?

Trinity: Linkers!

Me: Who is Linkers?

Trinity: You know the basketball team…

Me: Oh! The LAKERS you mean…

Trinity: Yeah the Lakers…

He then walked back downstairs to tell his brother about the ‘Linkers’…oh Kids…